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Admin WhatsApp 2018 Will Be Able To Mum Chatter Group Members


Admin WhatsApp 2018 Will Be Able To Mum Chatter Group Members

WhatsApp 2018 - WhatsApp group sometimes annoying because of too many voices asking to be heard. As a result, discussions often don't focus and widened everywhere.

WhatsApp seems about to resolve this issue with a test feature called “Restricted Groups”. Feature that allows group admins can send a message, while other members can only read messages.

Restricted Group being discovered for the first time by WABetaInfo which often reveal features of WhatsApp in the stage of testing. Beta version of the Restricted Group itself comes to Android and iOS.

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In essence, the Restricted Group allow admin to turn off the chat function group. This feature is glorify one-way communication, suitable for the spread of announcement or information-other important information that don't need the feedback.

“This feature is important when the admin want all members to focus attention to a selected topic, for example to record important when organizing an event,” so written in the blog WABetaInfo, as compiled whatsapp2018.hatenablog.com, Wednesday (13/12/2017).

Members of the group will know the admin enable this feature through a notification. It reads more or less “(the name of the admin) allow only the admin can send a message to this group”.

Until now WhatsApp has not the indulgence of the about the existence of this feature. Is also unclear when this feature will be commercialized to all users. We just wait.

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Carefully, the WhatsApp 2018 Clone Circulating in the Google Play Store


Carefully, WhatsApp 2018 Imitations Circulating in the Google Play Store

WhatsApp 2018 Millions of Android users deceived by the circulation WhatsApp fake. The reason is, the application of artificial this available in the Play Store with a look very similar to the original. It is very difficult to distinguish if the user is not observant enough.

On the original application, there is a check mark at the bottom the name of the developer. This indicates that the application has been verified.

Different to the original, WhatsApp fake at all does not provide the chat feature. As quoted by Kompas Tekno through The Registers, WhatsApp clone is many provides the appearance of ads that do not even want to be seen by the user.

Whatsapp application fake has been downloaded more than one million users although then directly removed by Google. But still it is detrimental to the user for wasting their quota to do things don’t need to. Plus, the number of downloaders has brought advertisers are certainly beneficial app maker clone.

Today, the application of the asphalt has been removed by Google. However the circulation of this application indicate a failure of the system Google to sort out an imitation. Of course this demanded Google to improve the security system.To date, Google said it was investigating this issue so that such incident do not recur.

Before, Google is quite confident with the artificial intelligence used in the tracking system the application of artificial. However this case make Google re-think to not be too dependent with the machine.

From checking WhatsApp 2019 still there are some similar apps that try to emulate WhatsApp and hasn’t been removed by Google. Generally, users expect he download WhatsApp original in general, but out of hope they pick the right one.

For example, *WhatsApp 2017* which has been downloaded 500,000 times, WhatsUp Chat Messenger downloading1 million, downloaded Latest Whatsap Status 2017 million, and many more.

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These features Will be Landing Soon in WhatsApp 2018


The short message service WhatsApp 2018 just rolling the features a Live Location, which allows WhatsApp users  for information existence. After features it does not wait a long time WhatsApp is rumored to be presenting the features of a voice call or a call to a chat group, and are in the testing phase

This feature had previously been carried by a Messenger. Unfortunately, the call feature through the app is popular on WhatsApp than Messenger because the quality is likely better.

As reported by The Indian Express features as voice and video calls in a group WhatsApp was first leaked by WABetaInfo, where they found him in posting the latest WhatsApp.

Not only voice calls, WhatsApp 2018 also reported to be bringing a video call into a chat group, thanks to this feature, the user will have the possibility to do video call in unison in the group. Ftur call on a group is also likely to disrupt the user. For example when the user busy while the members of group chat with its free.

According to WhatsApp BetaInfo, voice calling features will be available before WhatsApp released a video call group. Even so those features apparently can't be released before the end of the year because companies need to do a lot of development.

Not only voice call video group, WhatsApp will also now focus on feature development priorities which feature unsend.Features unsend or drag the message itself has been long-awaited by the user because of its function that is considered useful.

The feature allows users to retract messages that have been sent. However the user can only withdraw messages that have been sent to a maximum after five minutes the message was sent.

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Know the Difference Copy and Forward the Text in Whatsapp 2018


A messaging app like WhatsApp to help You connect with anyone in Your phone's contact list.

If You have the same question to asked more than one person in WhatsApp 2018, and actually You don't need to type it again. WhatsApp already offers a feature called 'copy' and 'forward' that allows You to send the same text from one contact to interlocutors to interlocutors to other on Whatsapp 2018 

But, do You know the difference between 'copy' and 'forward'? Although both equally send the same message to the person You are talking to but tampilannyan different. Icons to use two such features are also different. If You press a text to be duplicated, then in the top of the application WhatsApp 2018 will appear some icons.

Note the second icon from the right side that appears at the top of the application WhatsApp 2018. The icon most to the right in the form of sign of the curved arrow is the icon of 'forward'. Then, the second icon from the right which depicts two create the square box is the icon 'copy'.

Then, what is the difference in the two? If You select the icon 'copy' on a text and copying the text or 'paste' on the person You are talking to then display the copied text will attach the information such as description the time the message that You copy and who is the maker of the message.

This can be used as proof of when You have to attach proof of conversation along with a screenshot of the screen. Of course, because of its text, then the text form the results of the process of 'copy' can also be faked.

In contrast to 'forward' that are simply forwarding the text. When You choose to forward a text to the opponents talk in WhatsApp, then the result is the text will not display text information such as if You use the 'copy' feature. So, don't wonder when see the appearance of the text You copy is different when using the feature 'copy' and 'forward'.

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Should know, Tips to Keep Children From Pornographic Content

Lately the parents are unsettled by the news that the WhatsApp application can easily display the content of pornography that is easily accessible to anyone. Including the youth and children users of the messenger app.


Pornography itself is an issue that is long enough to be thing that is often kept away from children too young. It is no wonder parents panic when out there preaching about the more easy it is to children and adolescents accessing pornographic content through the app WhatsApp.

Disquiet is felt not only from parents who have teenage children, but also who have a child younger. Prevention of this is not only through technical means that can be controlled parents, because no parent is perfect that 24 hours can keep an eye on her children.

For that, community parenting, Three Generations of the give you tips so that parents can alienate the child from content that is pornographic.

One way the most important is to foster self-control of the child to help her in the future limit or mem-the filter itself to good things and not good for his chosen.

Not only that, make it a habit to also the fruit of the heart smoothly perform communication with parents early on. Can through open discussion age appropriate with the child when there is a case related to pornography that occurs in the vicinity.

Then that is not less important also, avoid criticism when the child is perceived to events in the vicinity. Give an understanding of the dangers of pornography according to age (via a video or article educational), teach the child browsing the aims so that the child does not the internet without direction.

"Discussing pornography, it is equally important as discussing other issues in the world of children and adolescents. Note the extent to which the child's knowledge during the discussion to avoid discussion that is not necessary," wrote the community in your account Instagram.


This community also provides tips to reduce the possibility of the child being exposed to content cover up. The following tips are for You.

  1. Use the filters and parental lock on the gadgets that kids have access to
  2. Keep an eye on and consumption of the first spectacle or games played children, so that parents can know whether the content is suitable for the age of the child
  3. Charge HP in-room child parents to know the activities that occur on the HP of the child
  4. If the child has a social media account, parents should be able to see also access it
  5. Check periodically the websites which is accessible to a child

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6 The Basic Difference in the Application WhatsApp Business 2018


WhatsApp Business 2018 | Since September of last year, WhatsApp has been testing the application once a new service aimed at business users, ranging from SMES to large companies, who want to use instant messaging applications to communicate with customers.

This app named WhatsApp of the Business, and he became a self-contained application that is different application WhatsApp original. Logo both of these applications are still similar, just in the middle, WhatsApp Business 2018 displaying a letter B of the capital, and this is a differentiator, especially with WhatsApp original which until now faithful to put the phone icon.

Shortly after it was announced, WhatsApp began to invite a number of users to download and try out the WhatsApp app on Google Play Store.

You are certainly curious what differences are between the two application WhatsApp is, here's an explanation from us that you are no longer confused with the new app from the company's Facebook.

1. The Name Of The Account WhatsApp Business Can Not Be Changed
This is the most important you know since the beginning of the WhatsApp account Business. After you download an app in the Play Store or App Store, you will be prompted to enter the phone number, then enter a unique code sent via SMS as part of data verification. After that, you will be prompted to enter the name of the business account in WhatsApp Business. You will find early warning that the business account name that can not be changed, so it should be steady right about naming the WhatsApp account of that Business.
Our own have tried to change the name of the business account in WhatsApp Business, and indeed we can't change it.

2. No Profile Business
Its name also to the business, users clearly are required to fill out their profile in detail. The user is obliged to fill in a description of description of business, company website, address, phone number, and restaurant.
That's all it takes so that WhatsApp could someday provide a check symbol green as a business account that has been verified. This feature is obviously not there in WhatsApp, whose users can only fill in name and status.

3. Can Use The Company's Phone Number
Interesting features which are owned WhatsApp Business is the user possible to use the phone number of the company, in addition to mobile number, to create a business account. A privilege that does not exist in WhatsApp original.
Thus a business owner can separate business account them of the number of cellular that is used for personal accounts, so that the conversation is private is not mixed with the professional.

4. Can Migration the Conversation Between the Phone and the Account
Other services offered WhatsApp Business is the migration of a conversation, that allows users to transfer their chat from one device to another or one account to a business account.
The migration of this conversation is important for business owners who use only a mobile number for WhatsApp account.

5. Got The Auto Response
The customer is king. As a business owner, you should be able to serve customers wholeheartedly at any time, even just the appointment to answer their questions, which sometimes come in outside of working hours.
WhatsApp understand to be that condition. To ease the burden on businesses, WhatsApp Business comes with an Auto Response. Businesses can create a message any reply and sends it automatically when you don't have time to reply to customer messages.

WhatsApp Business. (Photo: WhatsApp through the Google Play Store)
The reply message it will be sent directly when there are consumers to contact you personally. While in the group, the message will be sent when there are customers that mention you.

 6. There Is The Analysis Of Customer Interaction Data
Statistical Data is important to your business. That's why they will provide detail information related to the customer interaction with the basic analysis, such as the number of messages sent, received, sent, and read.
To be able to read the analysis of the WhatsApp users Business, simply tap the option at the top right of a conversation, then enter settings and select statistics.
True conversation between WhatsApp Business WhatsApp original or otherwise not much different. All message conversations are encrypted end-to-end.


Only for WhatsApp users standard, you will receive a notification pop-up that tells you in the middle of a conversation with a business account when they first communicate.

Then when the WhatsApp Business start commercialized?

While this application is still in the development stage aka beta so it has not been officially released digitally. You can still try it out by signing up as a tester by filling out a series of surveys of WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Will Target Business 

If your request is approved, WhatsApp will send a download link WhatsApp app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store depending on whether you wear your Android phone or iPhone.

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WhatsApp Business App APK Leaked in APKMirror

WhatsApp much-awaited Organisation Application. The APK apply fo WhatsApp Business is currently detailed on a 3rd party application shop, APKMirror. The APK readily available on APKMirror could be utilized just the organisations that are authorized by WhatsApp for screening. The organisations that are accepted through the study could access the leaked APK from APK Mirror.


WhatsApp  will certainly allow the company supervisors make use of a different application for service accounts. The assistance for landlines is extremely essential for markets like India where there is still a whole lot of reliance on the landline phone for tiny businesses.Also the directions to make use of WhatsApp businesses application are out. Organisation proprietors could sign up a brand-new number with the application to maintain their individual and also service account independent.

BookMyShow has actually joined under WhatsApp Service program to send out ticket updates by means of the application to consumers. The APK provided on APKMirror features restricted analytics like messages sent out, gotten, supplied and also reviewed to clients. Service accounts could consist of information like address, internet site as well as 'away' condition to allow the consumers recognize that business supervisor is not readily available presently.

The Facebook-owned messaging system has more than 200 million energetic customers in India. The business will certainly enable customers to obstruct any kind of solution on the application to stop prospective spam messages. The globe's largest messaging application could generate income from business application in future launches.

WhatsApp will certainly allow the service supervisors utilize a different application for businesses accounts. Organisation proprietors could sign up a brand-new number with the application to maintain their individual as well as company account independent. Organisation accounts could have information like address, web site and also 'away' standing to allow the clients understand that the businesses supervisor is not readily available at the minute.

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