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How To Send WhatsApp 2018 Message Is Scheduled


How To Send WhatsApp 2018 Message Is Scheduled

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp users not too long ago to get a new feature that is quite helpful, namely unsend messages that have been sent. This feature since long-awaited by the user so that the presence of amt is welcomed. But it seems this feature has shortcomings which allow messages that keep appearing. Android Jefe, a blog Android of Spanish reveals how the Android smartphone users can access the messages that have been erased.

“We have found a way to restore or view the deleted messages by a user in the chat WhatsApp. What we find is that the message is stored in the list of the notification system of Android,” wrote the blog. “So just a matter of inserting the record to view the messages that have been deleted by other users,” said the blog.

The message will be in log notification, regardless of whether the message has been deleted or not by the sender of the message. Previously, WhatsApp published a guideline regarding how to remove the message for all people (delete for everyone) when this feature is launched. Not only to communicate day-to-day, WhatsApp is also often used users to celebrate the birthday of a colleague and his family. To give a greeting, the user usually wants to be the first by sending a message right at 00.00.

Without having to wait for the right time, You can put your settings so that WhatsApp messages sent according to the schedule You want. Reported from various sources, the following trick to Send WhatsApp 2018 Messages To As Scheduled :

Download Third-Party Applications

There are several applications that allow You to send WhatsApp messages on a scheduled basis. One of the applications that Okezone select which Scheduler for WhatsApp. You kbisa download the application through app store Play Store.

Run The Application

Open the application Scheduler for WhatsApp. Like any other application, the application regulatory schedule WhatsApp messages this will also ask You to enable Accessibility to be able to run the application. Select “ok” for the next run of the application.

Create Schedule Message

To get started, click the plus icon (+). Then select where Your message will be sent, with the option of a personal conversation or group. Next, select the recipient's name (individual/group) and determine when You want to send a message to include a time in the available column. You can also set the frequency of messages, so easily help You if you want to send message more than one time. The next step is to write the message You want to send on a scheduled basis.

Make Sure The Message Has Been Scheduled

After going through these stages, make sure Your message has been scheduled correctly. Messages that You have written and set will appear on the main page of the application. The schedule will also be listed below the name of the recipient. Check the schedule to verify that it is in accordance with the schedule that You want.

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This He Four How To Maintain The Privacy Of Your WhatsApp 2018 Account


This He Four How To Maintain The Privacy Of Your WhatsApp 2018 Account

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp has now become an integral part of modern society. Things related to romance, family, to work, spoken of in the short message service owned by Facebook. Because of the popularity of WhatsApp, now almost every community has this app on his cell phone. In addition to being easy to use, WhatsApp also has user at most compared to similar services.However, WhatsApp is not have a weakness. WhatsApp is known not to have a system of approval that causes anyone who has Your number can send you messages. Even so, there are several ways that can be used to protect Your privacy.

This He Four How To Maintain The Privacy Of Your WhatsApp 2018 Account

Hide Profile Photo

This feature is useful to hide Your profile photo from persons who are not responsible. Therefore, the profile photo in WhatsApp can be easily saved by others. Well, this way can avoid things that are not desirable.

To hide profile photo, go to settings, and then select the account, go to privacy. Then, select the profile photo, in it there are a few options with whom You want to share.

Hide Last Time Online

How this will be useful for those of You who do not want to show the last time online. How to go to settings, then select account. Afterwards, select privacy, then last seen. Last, You just select who you share with.

Hide The Sign Legible

Want to read the book in secret? Stay off the read receipts. How to go to settings, then select account. Afterwards, select privacy. In it, the living turn off the read receipt.

Unblock Contact

If There are evil people who contact You to do not better, then the feature block can be utilized. To use this feature, select the contact to be blocked, then select the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner. Next click more, then select block. Contact Your block can be seen in the list.

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So you Victims of Scam WhatsApp 2018? This Should be Done


So you Victims of Scam WhatsApp? This Should be Done

WhatsApp 2018 - Criminals often use WhatsApp to trick users into handing over their personal data. People often receive a link to the voucher is fake through the app, which is designed to deceive You, so visit the site web of cunning that has been camouflaged as a legitimate site. Worse yet, these messages come from trusted contacts, who are encouraged to send the voucher false to as many people as possible.

The fraud was discovered by Action Fraud who said that he knows the voucher is a fake claiming to be from Asda, Topshop, sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Asda, Nike, Lidl, Aldi and Singapore Airlines. One of them is a book voucher Asda false display the message.

"Hello, ASDA give you Free Vouchers of 250 pounds (Rp4,4 millions) to celebrate the 68th birthday, let's go to here to get it," next to the url that is formatted with ingenious that You shouldn't click. Apparently, the message was connected to the website ASDA that actually. However, using the letter Ä‘, the character known as dyet, instead of d usual.

"If You click on the URL of convincing, You will be taken to a fake website designed to trick You into handing over personal information," says Action Fraud.

One of the fake links can allow the criminals behind them put a cookie in your browser that track Your online activities. If You have clicked one of the links of evil, Action Fraud suggest to delete the browsing history of Your web site and delete all cookies. You can do this in the Settings menu on Your browser.

WhatsApp 2018 also has a tip to see the spam and hoax message. It is suggested users to be aware of the message that includes spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, asking You to tap a link, ask You to share personal information, forward a message, click on the link to "activate" a new feature, and claim that You have to pay for using WhatsApp.

"If You receive spam from a contact, delete the message and do not click any links or provide any personal information. Tell the contact that the messages they send, including attachments and navigate to the security page WhatsApp it," the company said.

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Chat in Group WhatsApp 2018 Now Have a Privacy


Chat in Group WhatsApp 2018 Now Have a Privacy

WhatsApp 2018  has made messaging feature called Reply Privately. This feature is made for group conversations and as the name suggests, lets You respond to messages privately, without anyone except the people You message can see what has been sent. This is more of a shortcut rather than completely new features, yet remains to be proven beneficial, especially for group chats where You do not know all other members.

Quoted the Independent WABetaInfo, options Reply Privately, which would only be an option in the group chat, there will be in the bubble menu that appears when You touch and hold the message.

When You select Reply Privately, WhatsApp 2018 will automatically launch chat one on one with the person whose messages You want to reply. When You send a reply, their message of the group chat will appear as a quote.

This is the right choice, which can save You from potential embarrassment if you're not comfortable with sharing certain things with the whole group. WhatsApp also has develop mode picture-in-picture for video sent via WhatsApp 2018. Mode picture-in-picture lets You play videos directly inside the messaging app, in a floating window You can move and resize it.

WhatsApp has been working on the function of picture-in-picture for YouTube video for some time, but it seems the image in the picture can immediately apply to all video clips.

Its not yet launched to the user because it is still in development, but will be released if and when WhatsApp 2018 think they are ready for airing. For those of You who have a lot of group in WhatsApp 2018, this feature will certainly be useful. Good luck!

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WhatsApp 2018 Is Ready To Add Features To The Admin


WhatsApp 2018 Is Ready To Add Features To The Admin

WhatsApp 2018 currently being ready to test some of the beta features to the app in Android, which will be added or not to the final version when update. Features that have been tested to the beta users will usually enter into the stable version, according to the website Phone Arena.

WhatsApp 2018 will create new features for admin chat groups, among other special settings for the admin to the messages that they send and edit information about the group. WhatsApp is also being tested the “shake to report”, the user simply shake the phone if you want to report the constraints on the application and the user will be connected to the reporting of WhatsApp 2018.

Features that exist in iOS, invite link, will also be adopted to the version of Android.
With these links, users will be able to invite other people to join the chat group. In addition, users will also be able to tap and hold it for several seconds to unblock a contact and send a message.

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6 Secret Tips WhatsApp 2018


6 Secret Tips WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 | The popularity of WhatsApp among users of modern communication devices more robust. Even more and more consumers are choosing this app as their primary communication tool.

Knowing this, the WhatsApp 2018 presents a number of new features to support the comfort of the user. However, not all users of this application know the features.
Here we serve a number of features that are available on the WhatsApp 2018 application that can be used the user.

1. The Format of text messages directly
WhatsApp allows users to display a text bold, italic or with a line in the text directly in the application. To do this, users need to add a special character before and after the desired text.

To strengthen the text, the user can insert the star icon in front of and behind the word or the sentence (*bold*). Meanwhile, to tilt the text, the user can insert the icon of the bottom line (_italicize_), and a line in the text can be done with the icon tildes (~strikethrough~).

2. Mark messages with stars
Mark messages with a star to be the easiest way to find the phone number, address or article links delivered. To do this, users need to press the message for a few moments and then tap the star icon.

To view the marked messages, the iOS device user can select the tab the Star on the bottom of the screen. While Android users need to tap the Menu button, and Starred Messages.

3. Mute the conversation
The user can make conversation with a colleague or group with the intensity of the conversation high be silent, when you are in a meeting room or cinema.

Android device users can utilize this feature by pressing the conversation for a few moments, then tap the speaker icon at the top of the screen.

Meanwhile, iOS device users must open the conversation, tap a contact or group name and Mute at the top of the screen. WhatsApp offers the option of quiet one conversation from 8 hours up to one year.

4. Hide status Last Seen
This feature is useful if the user does not want colleagues or other contacts knowing the last time to access WhatsApp. To enjoy this feature, the user can access the Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

5. Do not store photo and video by default
Users often times use the WhatsApp to send photos and videos that have the potential to meet the device's internal memory. Hence we recommend not to let the application save them by default.

To do this, the iOS device user can access the Settings > Chats tab, then disable Save Incoming Media. While Android device users can access the menu Settings > Data Usage, then select No media paperless option media auto-download.

6. Export conversations
The user can also export the conversation to save it. To do this, Android users need to tap the Menu button, then More and Email Chat.

On the iPhone, users need to access the conversation, tapping one of the contacts on the top of the screen, then scrolling to the bottom of the Contact page Info and select Export Chat. Both ways on the device gives the option to export with or without media attachments.

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WhatsApp 2018 Create A New Way To Watch Video


WhatsApp 2018 Create A New Way To Watch Video

Whatsapp 2018 released an update for the video features. This update makes the user can watch the video directly inside the app while viewing messages. This feature is similar to features picture-in-picure Youtube can continue to play video while browsing other menus.

It's not just an update for the video feature, Whatsapp version 2.17.81 also do the update so the user is easy to record audio.

To be able to record audio in a long time, users simply drag the recording button above. So, users don't need to keep pressing the record button located on the bottom of the screen, so reported the Metro and MacRumors.

Lately, WhatsApp do a lot of changes to the Previous feature, WhatsApp 2018 has released a feature deletion of messages that have been sent. Unfortunately, the feature only applies to messages sent to seven minutes before. The message sent is longer than the time limit it can no longer be removed.

However, the deleted messages still leave a trace, because the recipient dibari notification if the sender of the message have deleted the message.

Feature removal this message is also inspired Line, a competitor of Whatsapp. The instant messaging service's Naver is also removing the eraser feature of the sent message. But, the Line time of the message in Line is long.

Message in a 24-hour latter of which can be removed. In addition, no notice at all to the recipient of the message if there is a removal of messages that have been sent.

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