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WhatsApp 2018 Can't be Used in the List of Phones of This Type

WhatsApp 2018 - In the era of smartphones today, almost everyone is using WhatsApp application for chattingan. WhatsApp blamed as one of the app which is quite easy to use. In it there are the main features in the form of instant text messages for free, with fittings such as voice calls, video, voice recording, emoji, which is the WhatsApp Latest Status want to take the story in Instagram.


WhatsApp 2018 Can't be Used in the List of Phones of This Type

Ease of accessing the various features of this WhatsApp make it into the applications most in demand. However, for those of you who are fond of WhatsApp should immediately update the WhatsApp 2018 Latest Version.

WhatsApp recently announced that it will start to stop the service for some types of phones. The type of phone here is not based on the brand of your particular phone but for phones that have operating system version a legacy.

What version of legacy?

For users of the operating system iOS 7 that are contained in the series of iPhone 4S, encouraged to update immediately to version teranyar. Not only that, for Android users who are still using the Gingerbread version requested to update immediately.

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In addition to the two types of operating system, the phone uses the Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10 or Windows Phone 8.0 even has first experienced this, exactly since January 1, 2018.

This policy will begin to set by WhatsApp on February 1, 2020. For it, to be able to continue using WhatsApp, the user should start updating the operating system minima iOS 8, Android 4.0, and Windows Phone 8.1.

Not without reason, the WhatsApp claim the termination of the systems is because the operating system has deserted users. In addition, the operating system lawas can't support the WhatsApp Latest Version.

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WhatsApp 2018 Disconnect the Service to the Smartphone Obsolete

WhatsApp starts sounding the death knell for a smart phone (smartphone) series long. Starting 31 December 2018, phone-phones with the operating system Nokia Symbian S40 already can't enjoy the WhatsApp App again.


WhatsApp 2018

In the near future, a mobile phone-mobile phone with operating system Android Gingerbread (versions 2.3 to 2.3.7) is also no longer be able to Download WhatsApp  New Version Then, on February 1, 2020 WhatsApp is not going to operate again on the phone-phones with the operating system. Not only on Android, phones with operating system iOS 7 will also miss the WhatsApp service commencing February 1, 2020.

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WhatsApp will still work on both operating systems until February 1, 2020. However, users can no longer create a WhatsApp account new and a number of features will slowly start cannot be used along with the renewal App WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is already no longer can be used on mobile phones-mobile phone with operating system Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone 8. system-operating system was not able to enjoy the services of WhatsApp is Android version 2.3.3, Windows Phone 8, iOS 6, Nokia Symbian S60, Blackberry OS, and Blackberry 10.

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Start the New Year, WhatsApp 2018 is No Longer Support Blackberry and Windows.


WhatsApp 2018 is No Longer Support Blackberry and Windows

WhatsApp 2018 | Starting January 1, 2018, the application of short message WhatsApp will not be accessible in phone with most Blackberry operating systems and Windows. WhatsApp will still function optimally on Android and iOS platforms.

The company is headquartered in California, the United States was mentioned, there are three operating systems that will be disconnected the service time of the new year, namely the Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10, and Windows Phone 8.0. The third operating system was not able to support the expansion of features that is being done.

“The Platform does not offer the capabilities we need to expand the features of our apps in the future,” a statement from the official WhatsApp. Consequently, users of these platforms can not create a new account or to verify your account is already long, however, can continue to use the application after December 31, 2017. A number of features may no longer be used because WhatsApp has not developed the application in such a platform.

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WhatsApp will also stop supporting the phone system Android 2.3.7 started in March 2020. For users who still use such systems, are encouraged to update your device with the latest series.

“Preferably, use a mobile phone with an operating system that is new, for example with phones running Android 4.0 and above, and Iphones running IOS 7 and above, or Windows Phone 8.1 to the top, so You can continue to use WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp for APK started operations in 2009 when the market mobile telephone (cellular phone) smart is much different. At that time, the Apple App Store was only a few months. While about 70% of the smartphone market dominated by Blackberry and Nokia.

In a statement, WhatsApp acknowledged that the second smartphone brand is meaningful for the journey of WhatsApp for this. This is a difficult decision for us, but necessary to make communication systems better for people with friends, family and their loved ones through WhatsApp.

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Latest Features Of WhatsApp 2018, Can Send A Personal Message Through The Group


Latest Features Of WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 launched the latest feature, this time a feature given the name of the ‘reply privately’ that allows WhatsApp users to send private messages through the chat group. Through the features of the ‘reply privately’ user app belongs to Facebook this will make the conversation in the group became more secure. In addition to privacy, this feature of WhatsApp users can certainly send messages in the group only with people known.

According to WABetaInfo as quoted from the website of the Daily Express, the track features WhatsApp latest while still in beta, the option to Reply Privately will only be available in the group chat. This feature will be included in the small menu that appears when the user presses and hold a message. Features the ‘reply privately’ will include the original message embedded in the in the menu of the reply message. The current new features available in the beta version that was to be tried, and is already available on iOS, Android and Desktop at this time.

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Reply personally, first seen in the web version of WhatsApp, however, because this feature is still in development-it looks like it will not appear on Your desktop. Until now there is no clear information when this feature will be launched in the entire world.

As is known, WhatsApp for APK  has a number of features that have never been released that was built for future releases of the application. As well as the features of the beta version of the latest smartphone that signaled the ability to play YouTube videos in WhatsApp itself, with the user can keep watching clips as you navigate the courier.

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WhatsApp 2018 Create App For iPad


WhatsApp 2018 Create App for iPad

WhatsApp 2018 is rumored to make an application for the iPad, based on the information load on the application messages the desktop version. Page of the Indian Express, citing WABetaInfo, the application of which is now owned by Facebook recently updating the desktop version and the web client which provide the instructions is no icon for the tablet computer based on iOS.

But, it is not known whether WhatsApp for APK will form a application that was designed for the iPad or a specialized client application such as WhatsApp Web. Outstanding is also speculation the application WhatsApp will be packed in the iPad because Apple also makes the tablet supports mobile network.

WhatsApp 2018  create app for iPad

At this time, there has been no official application of WhatsApp for the iPad, however, the user can downloading it from a third application through the App Store. Unfortunately, the performance of WhatsApp on your device it is not as if in the mobile phone.

WhatsApp last month adds a number of features to add to the user experience in application sharing message, such as the feature to remove a message to an application on Android, iOS and Windows.

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WhatsApp 2018 Is Ready To Add A Special Feature Admin


WhatsApp 2018 Is Ready To Add A Special Feature Admin

WhatsApp 2018 is currently ready to test some of the beta features to the app in Android, which will be added or not to the final version when update. Features that have been tested to the beta users will usually enter into the stable version, according to the website Phone Arena. WhatsApp APK for Android will create new features for admin chat groups, among other special settings for the admin to the messages that they send and edit information about the group.

WhatsApp 2018 is also being tested the “shake to report”, the user simply shake the phone if you want to report the constraints on the application and the user will be connected to the reporting of WhatsApp.

Features that exist in iOS, invite link, will also be adopted to the version of Android.
With these links, users will be able to invite other people to join the chat group. In addition, users will also be able to tap and hold it for several seconds to unblock a contact and send a message.

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WhatsApp 2018 Test Features Record Voice Without Press The Microphone Button, Such As What?


WhatsApp 2018 Test Features Record Voice Without Press The Microphone Button

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp can not only be used to send messages but also make voice and video calls. Not only that, users can also send voice messages by tapping and holding the microphone icon for voice recorded.

However, WhatsApp intends to facilitate the user in sending a voice message. WhatsApp reportedly testing different ways to record voice, without holding the recorder in the application. It is revealed from the Twitter account @WABetaInfo.

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If the user wants to record his voice, WhatsApp APK for Android display a new interface to the microphone button by means of slides. The user will see the option for the shift button.

When the button is shifted or dragged the user will enter in recording mode without having to keep pressing the button for voice recording. This of course will make users more comfortable in their sound without having to put their finger on the microphone button.

Not only that, users can also perform a recording while looking at the chat that is needed. Even so, WhatsApp users can't type a message, viewing a photo or video, during the process of voice recording taking place. The user can't leave the page chat, or the recording will be erased automatically.

Test Features Record Voice Without Press The Microphone Button

Features that will ease releasing the user sends the voice message is still being tested by WhatsApp. It is unclear when the company who take shelter in the Facebook it will release it to all users.

The feature of sending voice messages its own newly added WhatsApp in the year 2013. Sejuh this, the company has not provided updates to improve the features of it even after it was acquired by Facebook. Similarly, as reported by Ubergizmo.

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