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WhatsApp 2018 New Version Update - WhatsApp works on the new version of the application. a number of new options on the whats app version 2018 tied to the service's instant messenger. a selection of Whatsapp for golem, ios, mac os, pc, Nokia s40, s60 even for Blackberry that you just will transfer on the link at the bottom of this transfer that we offer. Whatsapp two018 latest Apk support from golem 2.3 long until the golem biscuits the latest version 2018.

On the latest version of WhatsApp 2018 New Version , their apps with debit feature picture in picture (PiP). Features of this build of WhatsApp users will make video calls ( video call), while the gap between different applications, together with a typing message to a different contact. This feature has antecedently been tested in a beta version. Now, testing it appears to have more and WhatsApp began to release features to any or all users.


Now the new golem user biscuits will feel video the decision of the persecution of the PiP mode. the golem of different types would not feel it. PiP itself is Associate in Nursing innate feature of the golem biscuits, which is beneficial to make a video call will still be imposed in a small window, while users open other applications.

In addition to the discarded PiP feature, WhatsApp has also restored the text messages that are just standing column. Previously, a quick message can remove text mode message in the stand, so that the user will solely transfer a photo or short video of their stand. With the update of now, WhatsApp users will be the transfer of already established text-based, with a background tied to color. Text message feature that will be felt by all users, each golem wearing a biscuit and also the previous version.

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The second feature is the power of WhatsApp users to have an update solely of the text as they stand. Before this, the user is only allowed to place their photos and videos such as standing updates, and have a text overlay to suit their needs.
Repeat the WhatsApp stable in golem, while in the iOS lets the user choose the background color and add text. stand the text solely even have a visibility of up to twenty-four hours. especially, this feature is rolling die set of the golem and iPhone users since a few months ago, and it seems for the moment that obtained in the latest version.

The latest version of golem supports picture-in-picture, battery saver, boot speed and system autofill thorough.

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