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Know the Difference Copy and Forward the Text in Whatsapp 2018


A messaging app like WhatsApp to help You connect with anyone in Your phone's contact list.

If You have the same question to asked more than one person in WhatsApp 2018, and actually You don't need to type it again. WhatsApp already offers a feature called 'copy' and 'forward' that allows You to send the same text from one contact to interlocutors to interlocutors to other on Whatsapp 2018 

But, do You know the difference between 'copy' and 'forward'? Although both equally send the same message to the person You are talking to but tampilannyan different. Icons to use two such features are also different. If You press a text to be duplicated, then in the top of the application WhatsApp 2018 will appear some icons.

Note the second icon from the right side that appears at the top of the application WhatsApp 2018. The icon most to the right in the form of sign of the curved arrow is the icon of 'forward'. Then, the second icon from the right which depicts two create the square box is the icon 'copy'.

Then, what is the difference in the two? If You select the icon 'copy' on a text and copying the text or 'paste' on the person You are talking to then display the copied text will attach the information such as description the time the message that You copy and who is the maker of the message.

This can be used as proof of when You have to attach proof of conversation along with a screenshot of the screen. Of course, because of its text, then the text form the results of the process of 'copy' can also be faked.

In contrast to 'forward' that are simply forwarding the text. When You choose to forward a text to the opponents talk in WhatsApp, then the result is the text will not display text information such as if You use the 'copy' feature. So, don't wonder when see the appearance of the text You copy is different when using the feature 'copy' and 'forward'.

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