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Carefully, the WhatsApp 2018 Clone Circulating in the Google Play Store


Carefully, WhatsApp 2018 Imitations Circulating in the Google Play Store

WhatsApp 2018 Millions of Android users deceived by the circulation WhatsApp fake. The reason is, the application of artificial this available in the Play Store with a look very similar to the original. It is very difficult to distinguish if the user is not observant enough.

On the original application, there is a check mark at the bottom the name of the developer. This indicates that the application has been verified.

Different to the original, WhatsApp fake at all does not provide the chat feature. As quoted by Kompas Tekno through The Registers, WhatsApp clone is many provides the appearance of ads that do not even want to be seen by the user.

Whatsapp application fake has been downloaded more than one million users although then directly removed by Google. But still it is detrimental to the user for wasting their quota to do things don’t need to. Plus, the number of downloaders has brought advertisers are certainly beneficial app maker clone.

Today, the application of the asphalt has been removed by Google. However the circulation of this application indicate a failure of the system Google to sort out an imitation. Of course this demanded Google to improve the security system.To date, Google said it was investigating this issue so that such incident do not recur.

Before, Google is quite confident with the artificial intelligence used in the tracking system the application of artificial. However this case make Google re-think to not be too dependent with the machine.

From checking WhatsApp 2019 still there are some similar apps that try to emulate WhatsApp and hasn’t been removed by Google. Generally, users expect he download WhatsApp original in general, but out of hope they pick the right one.

For example, *WhatsApp 2017* which has been downloaded 500,000 times, WhatsUp Chat Messenger downloading1 million, downloaded Latest Whatsap Status 2017 million, and many more.

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