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Admin WhatsApp 2018 Will Be Able To Mum Chatter Group Members


Admin WhatsApp 2018 Will Be Able To Mum Chatter Group Members

WhatsApp 2018 - WhatsApp group sometimes annoying because of too many voices asking to be heard. As a result, discussions often don't focus and widened everywhere.

WhatsApp seems about to resolve this issue with a test feature called “Restricted Groups”. Feature that allows group admins can send a message, while other members can only read messages.

Restricted Group being discovered for the first time by WABetaInfo which often reveal features of WhatsApp in the stage of testing. Beta version of the Restricted Group itself comes to Android and iOS.

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In essence, the Restricted Group allow admin to turn off the chat function group. This feature is glorify one-way communication, suitable for the spread of announcement or information-other important information that don't need the feedback.

“This feature is important when the admin want all members to focus attention to a selected topic, for example to record important when organizing an event,” so written in the blog WABetaInfo, as compiled whatsapp2018.hatenablog.com, Wednesday (13/12/2017).

Members of the group will know the admin enable this feature through a notification. It reads more or less “(the name of the admin) allow only the admin can send a message to this group”.

Until now WhatsApp has not the indulgence of the about the existence of this feature. Is also unclear when this feature will be commercialized to all users. We just wait.

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