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6 Secret Tips WhatsApp 2018


6 Secret Tips WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 | The popularity of WhatsApp among users of modern communication devices more robust. Even more and more consumers are choosing this app as their primary communication tool.

Knowing this, the WhatsApp 2018 presents a number of new features to support the comfort of the user. However, not all users of this application know the features.
Here we serve a number of features that are available on the WhatsApp 2018 application that can be used the user.

1. The Format of text messages directly
WhatsApp allows users to display a text bold, italic or with a line in the text directly in the application. To do this, users need to add a special character before and after the desired text.

To strengthen the text, the user can insert the star icon in front of and behind the word or the sentence (*bold*). Meanwhile, to tilt the text, the user can insert the icon of the bottom line (_italicize_), and a line in the text can be done with the icon tildes (~strikethrough~).

2. Mark messages with stars
Mark messages with a star to be the easiest way to find the phone number, address or article links delivered. To do this, users need to press the message for a few moments and then tap the star icon.

To view the marked messages, the iOS device user can select the tab the Star on the bottom of the screen. While Android users need to tap the Menu button, and Starred Messages.

3. Mute the conversation
The user can make conversation with a colleague or group with the intensity of the conversation high be silent, when you are in a meeting room or cinema.

Android device users can utilize this feature by pressing the conversation for a few moments, then tap the speaker icon at the top of the screen.

Meanwhile, iOS device users must open the conversation, tap a contact or group name and Mute at the top of the screen. WhatsApp offers the option of quiet one conversation from 8 hours up to one year.

4. Hide status Last Seen
This feature is useful if the user does not want colleagues or other contacts knowing the last time to access WhatsApp. To enjoy this feature, the user can access the Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen.

5. Do not store photo and video by default
Users often times use the WhatsApp to send photos and videos that have the potential to meet the device's internal memory. Hence we recommend not to let the application save them by default.

To do this, the iOS device user can access the Settings > Chats tab, then disable Save Incoming Media. While Android device users can access the menu Settings > Data Usage, then select No media paperless option media auto-download.

6. Export conversations
The user can also export the conversation to save it. To do this, Android users need to tap the Menu button, then More and Email Chat.

On the iPhone, users need to access the conversation, tapping one of the contacts on the top of the screen, then scrolling to the bottom of the Contact page Info and select Export Chat. Both ways on the device gives the option to export with or without media attachments.

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