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WhatsApp 2018 Is Ready To Add Features To The Admin


WhatsApp 2018 Is Ready To Add Features To The Admin

WhatsApp 2018 currently being ready to test some of the beta features to the app in Android, which will be added or not to the final version when update. Features that have been tested to the beta users will usually enter into the stable version, according to the website Phone Arena.

WhatsApp 2018 will create new features for admin chat groups, among other special settings for the admin to the messages that they send and edit information about the group. WhatsApp is also being tested the “shake to report”, the user simply shake the phone if you want to report the constraints on the application and the user will be connected to the reporting of WhatsApp for Windows

Features that exist in iOS, invite link, will also be adopted to the version of Android.
With these links, users will be able to invite other people to join the chat group. In addition, users will also be able to tap and hold it for several seconds to unblock a contact and send a message.

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