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Chat in Group WhatsApp 2018 Now Have a Privacy


Chat in Group WhatsApp 2018 Now Have a Privacy

WhatsApp 2018 has made messaging feature called Reply Privately. This feature is made for group conversations and as the name suggests, lets You respond to messages privately, without anyone except the people You message can see what has been sent. This is more of a shortcut rather than completely new features, yet remains to be proven beneficial, especially for group chats where You do not know all other members.

Quoted the Independent WABetaInfo, options Reply Privately, which would only be an option in the group chat, there will be in the bubble menu that appears when You touch and hold the message.

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When You select Reply Privately, WhatsApp will automatically launch chat one on one with the person whose messages You want to reply. When You send a reply, their message of the group chat will appear as a quote.

This is the right choice, which can save You from potential embarrassment if you're not comfortable with sharing certain things with the whole group. WhatsApp also has develop mode picture-in-picture for video sent via WhatsApp for Windows. Mode picture-in-picture lets You play videos directly inside the messaging app, in a floating window You can move and resize it.

WhatsApp has been working on the function of picture-in-picture for YouTube video for some time, but it seems the image in the picture can immediately apply to all video clips.

Its not yet launched to the user because it is still in development, but will be released if and when WhatsApp 2018 think they are ready for airing. For those of You who have a lot of group in WhatsApp 2018, this feature will certainly be useful. Good luck!

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