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So you Victims of Scam WhatsApp 2018? This Should be Done


So you Victims of Scam WhatsApp? This Should be Done

WhatsApp 2018 |  Criminals often use WhatsApp to trick users into handing over their personal data. People often receive a link to the voucher is fake through the app, which is designed to deceive You, so visit the site web of cunning that has been camouflaged as a legitimate site. Worse yet, these messages come from trusted contacts, who are encouraged to send the voucher false to as many people as possible.

The fraud was discovered by Action Fraud who said that he knows the voucher is a fake claiming to be from Asda, Topshop, sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Asda, Nike, Lidl, Aldi and Singapore Airlines. One of them is a book voucher Asda false display the message.

"Hello, ASDA give you Free Vouchers of 250 pounds (Rp4,4 millions) to celebrate the 68th birthday, let's go to here to get it," next to the url that is formatted with ingenious that You shouldn't click. Apparently, the message was connected to the website ASDA that actually. However, using the letter Ä‘, the character known as dyet, instead of d usual.

"If You click on the URL of convincing, You will be taken to a fake website designed to trick You into handing over personal information," says Action Fraud.

One of the fake links can allow the criminals behind them put a cookie in your browser that track Your online activities. If You have clicked one of the links of evil, Action Fraud suggest to delete the browsing history of Your web site and delete all cookies. You can do this in the Settings menu on Your browser.

WhatsApp 2018 also has a tip to see the spam and hoax message. It is suggested users to be aware of the message that includes spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, asking You to tap a link, ask You to share personal information, forward a message, click on the link to "activate" a new feature, and claim that You have to pay for using WhatsApp APK for Android.

"If You receive spam from a contact, delete the message and do not click any links or provide any personal information. Tell the contact that the messages they send, including attachments and navigate to the security page WhatsApp it," the company said.

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