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How To Send WhatsApp 2018 Message Is Scheduled


How To Send WhatsApp 2018 Message Is Scheduled

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp users not too long ago to get a new feature that is quite helpful, namely unsend messages that have been sent. This feature since long-awaited by the user so that the presence of amt is welcomed. But it seems this feature has shortcomings which allow messages that keep appearing. Android Jefe, a blog Android of Spanish reveals how the Android smartphone users can access the messages that have been erased.

“We have found a way to restore or view the deleted messages by a user in the chat WhatsApp APK for Android. What we find is that the message is stored in the list of the notification system of Android,” wrote the blog. “So just a matter of inserting the record to view the messages that have been deleted by other users,” said the blog.

The message will be in log notification, regardless of whether the message has been deleted or not by the sender of the message. Previously, WhatsApp published a guideline regarding how to remove the message for all people (delete for everyone) when this feature is launched. Not only to communicate day-to-day, WhatsApp is also often used users to celebrate the birthday of a colleague and his family. To give a greeting, the user usually wants to be the first by sending a message right at 00.00.

Without having to wait for the right time, You can put your settings so that WhatsApp messages sent according to the schedule You want. Reported from various sources, the following trick to Send WhatsApp Messages To As Scheduled :

Download Third-Party Applications

There are several applications that allow You to send WhatsApp messages on a scheduled basis. One of the applications that Okezone select which Scheduler for WhatsApp. You kbisa download the application through app store Play Store.

Run The Application

Open the application Scheduler for WhatsApp. Like any other application, the application regulatory schedule WhatsApp messages this will also ask You to enable Accessibility to be able to run the application. Select “ok” for the next run of the application.

Create Schedule Message

To get started, click the plus icon (+). Then select where Your message will be sent, with the option of a personal conversation or group. Next, select the recipient's name (individual/group) and determine when You want to send a message to include a time in the available column. You can also set the frequency of messages, so easily help You if you want to send message more than one time. The next step is to write the message You want to send on a scheduled basis.

Make Sure The Message Has Been Scheduled

After going through these stages, make sure Your message has been scheduled correctly. Messages that You have written and set will appear on the main page of the application. The schedule will also be listed below the name of the recipient. Check the schedule to verify that it is in accordance with the schedule that You want.

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