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Caution! Do not Click on These Text Messages on WhatsApp 2018


Caution! Do not Click on These Text Messages on WhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp users need to be careful when finding the text of the fake message that reads "subscription will be ending soon". When the user menglik link that appears, it is feared that this trick managed to steal the banking information of the user.

Reported by the Express, Sunday (14/12/2017), WhatsApp users have been given a warning over text message scam claiming to come from the makers of the app. As is known, WhatsApp APK for Android is used by more than one billion people every day.

Fans of WhatsApp recently reported receiving a text that warns them that "subscription will be ending soon" or "your subscription will end soon". They are urged to click on links that supposedly "verify" their accounts and "buy a lifetime subscription".

However, this is just a hoax and a way to trick users into handing over banking details to them and infect their device. Previously, Twitter users in recent days have reported receiving text fraud. A user wrote, "be Careful with scams @WhatsApp. I just received a message from someone purporting to be from #WhatsApp #SCAM".

Cyber Protect, which protects the public and businesses from cyber crime, asked about fraud in Twitter. "This is indeed a hoax," they said. Further the company said that WhatsApp does not charge a subscription fee. "WhatsApp does not charge subscription fees and we get a lot of reports about the false text which is identical with this. We advise people not to click links or call numbers included in the message that is not requested like this," he explained.

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