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WhatsApp 2018 Test Features Record Voice Without Press The Microphone Button, Such As What?


WhatsApp 2018 Test Features Record Voice Without Press The Microphone Button

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp can not only be used to send messages but also make voice and video calls. Not only that, users can also send voice messages by tapping and holding the microphone icon for voice recorded.

However, WhatsApp intends to facilitate the user in sending a voice message. WhatsApp reportedly testing different ways to record voice, without holding the recorder in the application. It is revealed from the Twitter account @WABetaInfo.

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If the user wants to record his voice, WhatsApp APK for Android display a new interface to the microphone button by means of slides. The user will see the option for the shift button.

When the button is shifted or dragged the user will enter in recording mode without having to keep pressing the button for voice recording. This of course will make users more comfortable in their sound without having to put their finger on the microphone button.

Not only that, users can also perform a recording while looking at the chat that is needed. Even so, WhatsApp users can't type a message, viewing a photo or video, during the process of voice recording taking place. The user can't leave the page chat, or the recording will be erased automatically.

Test Features Record Voice Without Press The Microphone Button

Features that will ease releasing the user sends the voice message is still being tested by WhatsApp. It is unclear when the company who take shelter in the Facebook it will release it to all users.

The feature of sending voice messages its own newly added WhatsApp in the year 2013. Sejuh this, the company has not provided updates to improve the features of it even after it was acquired by Facebook. Similarly, as reported by Ubergizmo.

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