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WhatsApp 2018 Can't be Used in the List of Phones of This Type

WhatsApp 2018 - In the era of smartphones today, almost everyone is using WhatsApp application for chattingan. WhatsApp blamed as one of the app which is quite easy to use. In it there are the main features in the form of instant text messages for free, with fittings such as voice calls, video, voice recording, emoji, which is the WhatsApp Latest Status want to take the story in Instagram.


WhatsApp 2018 Can't be Used in the List of Phones of This Type

Ease of accessing the various features of this WhatsApp make it into the applications most in demand. However, for those of you who are fond of WhatsApp should immediately update the WhatsApp 2018 Latest Version.

WhatsApp recently announced that it will start to stop the service for some types of phones. The type of phone here is not based on the brand of your particular phone but for phones that have operating system version a legacy.

What version of legacy?

For users of the operating system iOS 7 that are contained in the series of iPhone 4S, encouraged to update immediately to version teranyar. Not only that, for Android users who are still using the Gingerbread version requested to update immediately.

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In addition to the two types of operating system, the phone uses the Blackberry OS, Blackberry 10 or Windows Phone 8.0 even has first experienced this, exactly since January 1, 2018.

This policy will begin to set by WhatsApp on February 1, 2020. For it, to be able to continue using WhatsApp, the user should start updating the operating system minima iOS 8, Android 4.0, and Windows Phone 8.1.

Not without reason, the WhatsApp claim the termination of the systems is because the operating system has deserted users. In addition, the operating system lawas can't support the WhatsApp Latest Version.

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