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WhatsApp 2018 in ios Added a Feature to the Admin

WhatsApp 2018 | WhatsApp some time ago rolling update on Android for the administrator in the group. Now, these features brought to the iOS version. Group Admin can now set it so only himself can send a message to group, alias to block other users, as quoted from page Phone Arena. This update can be seen in the Group Info which is under the settings for the group.


WhatsApp 2018 in ios Added a Feature to the Admin

Other members can read the message and answer it via a private lane through the option "Message Admin". The way this is effective for groups who want to give important announcement on its members, for example a group of parents and teachers in the school, so that all participants read the message.This setting is not permanent, the admin can change this setting with the above mentioned ways. The information circulated previously revealed, WhatsApp will present the features sticker for the Android platform and WhatsApp 2018 for Samsung

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WhatsApp 2018 is working to bring new features into the Android app. Before WhatsApp released to Google Play, some users can test the features of the sticker through the beta channel.

stickers are one of the most important features planned by the developers of WhatsApp. With the features of the sticker, then the activity of the chat can be more exciting and interesting. To access the feature sticker, reportedly the user can find it through the Stickers to See, You will be able to choose stickers by tapping on the icon of a new Love.

Stickers is currently available with four categories of reactions, and expected to be added many more if the feature was already released digitally digitally to the user through the update the Google Play Store.

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